Pro Kabaddi League 2018 : U Mumba Beat Patna Pirates (40-39 )

Pro Kabaddi League 2018 : U Mumba Beat Patna Pirates (40-39 )

U-Mumba continued their spectacular performance by defeating home team Patna Pirates by 40-39 in a close encounter. With this victory, U-Mumba is in second place and Patna Pirates is in the third position despite this defeat.

The performance of Siddharth Desai for U-Mumba remained unmatched and they put super 10. Rohit Ballian showed good all-round for them. Fazal imposed high 5 in defense. For Patna Pirates, his captain, Paradeep Narwal, again performed brilliantly. He achieved 17 red points by putting another super 10, apart from him Vikas Jaglan supported him in the Red. Jaideep did excellent work for him in defense, he did the High 5. However, no other defender besides them could not work well.

After the first half, both teams were on equal footing with 14-14. While Patna, where U-Mumba was allotted, but both the defenders and the Raiders performed well for U-Mumba. In the first half, both Pardeep Narwal and Siddharth Desai raiders performed spectacularly as expected.

In the second half, Patna Pirates competed with Siddharth Desai, after which Pardeep Narwal took 2 points while plunge and Pardeep soon gave out another match to U-Mumba while dismissing Fazal and Dharmaraj in the same Raid. However, U-Mumba did not give up. The match was at par with the last minute of the match. In the last minute for Patna, Vikas Jaglan had to do dow and die red, in which he got out. U-Mumba finally defeated the domestic team in a very exciting encounter.

In the match, U-Mumba secured 26 in the Red, 12 in the defense and 2 points out of all. On the other hand, Patna Pirates won 23rd in the Red, 7 in Defense, 4 and 5 points of All-Over Extra.

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