Australia have taken a 1-0 lead in the series by beat India 66 runs

Australia have taken a 1-0 lead in the series by beat India 66 runs

A very comfortable win in the end for Australia! To be honest, the Australian batters batted India out of the game. 370 plus was always going to be a very tough challenge and it was going to be even more difficult if you kept losing wickets at regular intervals. Despite the start India got, they lost too many wickets in the first 20 overs. 4 to be precise.

Then came a big, big partnership between Pandya and Dhawan which did make the Indian dug out believe but it was just the matter of one wicket. Once Dhawan fell Pandya too followed soon and then it was just a matter of playing out the 50 overs which India did.

On a day where the bowlers took a real pounding there were two who did exceptionally well, Hazlewood and Zampa. The former especially. It is his spell with the new ball which did the trick for Australia. Those three wickets was probably where India lost the game. Zampa too was brilliant with a four-fer, he did take a pounding initially but did exceptionally well towards the end. Overall, a very good performance from Australia. They completely outplayed India.

Man of the Match, Steven Smith says, that he was unable to find his hands but is happy to have found it and tells everything came back and he is happy to contribute. Smith says that he was not thinking too much and just seeing the ball and hitting it. Tells the surface was good and he picked the slots and the bowlers he wanted to target. Says he is not sure if he started playing with freedom after over turning the LBW.

Indian skipper, Virat Kohli, says that they got enough time to prepare and adds there is no excuse and everyone needs to show intent. Feels that maybe not playing a long game for a long time might be a reason but says that they have played enough games in the past to cope with it. Kohli feels they need to find a way to get some overs from some part timers. Admits they do not have all-rounders like Stoinis or Maxwell who can roll their arms. Rues the lapses in the field as he thinks. Kohli says that they all committed to play positive cricket and that was the reason they went out and played with intent. Tells they gave themselves the best chance. Tells they never felt like they were not going to get there. Kohli says they need to learn to chase down the target and they need to have a plan which everyone should commit to.

Australian skipper, Aaron Finch, says that he found it hard to get his timing right especially in the middle overs. Finch says they have hardly been together as a team and tells there were some zoom meetings. Tells they were committed to their plan. Tells that everyone has their own strengths and weakness. Tells Warner is moving beautifully, tells Smith was different class. Tells Maxwell has a rare ability and tells he is super skilled. On his moustache, Finch tells it is to raise awareness about Men's health.

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